about us

student consulting from Kühne Logistics University for logistics, SCM, and general management

what we do

inviting industry experts to offer insightful workshops and deepen valuable corporate relationships

providing a platform for talented individuals to constantly improve their skills, share experiences, and apply academic knowledge in a professional context

creating innovative, customized, and sustainable solutions for businesses of any size and industries

consulting services by students

we provide solutions for real business problems of companies within Hamburg and beyond.

we work on projects with 5-10 student consultants for a duration of some weeks to an entire semester

events and workshops for students

we conduct workshops to develop concrete skills in different fields and gain proficiency through experts.

we offer several workshops per semester that are open to all KLU students and led by students or professionals.

our story

advisupply was born as a student initiative that took the demand of many KLU students for information and knowledge exchange about consulting, a fruitful career entry in this industry, and the desire to get first-hand experience as a consultant while studying. After a very successful first project at the end of 2019, we wanted to take the initiative to the next level and embedded all activities in one organization: advisupply.

our supporters

Kühne Logistics University

advisupply is solely managed and run by students. however, we are honored to receive financial and advisory support from many other stakeholders at KLU. also we cooperate closely with Career Services to bundle our efforts in boosting KLU student’s careers.

more cooperations will be coming

we aim to partner with consulting firms and other companies to offer joint events and direct connections for advisupply members and KLU students