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we strive to become the focal point of KLU for outstanding consulting projects and workshops that inspire and challenge students across all generations and give our clients a competitive advantage in their business operations


our aim is highest stakeholder satisfaction - whether it is about our consulting services, workshops or internal member events


as a student consultancy we constantly want to learn and develop ourselves - no one is born a master


the team is our most important asset and we want to create an inclusive and friendly environment that fosters growth and learning

advisupply is an organization by students for students and is made possible by the Kühne Logistics University

through our diverse background and specializations at KLU, we are open to create solutions to any problem, no matter which industry, department, or size of your company. we thrive for excellence and innovative advice accelerating your growth and guiding you into a prosperous future.

for students

it is never too early to apply what the professors teach you. so why not explore different companies and getting to know the challenges that businesses face next to your studies? further, you can join our interactive skill-building workshops and get in contact with amazing companies, laying the ground for your career.

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companies our student consultants have gained professional experience in the past and present: 


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