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student consulting from Kühne Logistics University for logistics, SCM, and general management

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September, 2020
student club established

First board consiting of: Paul Jordan (President), Max Norman Wiest (Tech), Purva Ranade (Marketing), Shweta Gaiki and Vrinda Guglani (Workshops), and Sven-Henrik Stermann (Legal & Finance)

November, 2020
conducting our first ever general workshop

Workshop on Tableau Software, delivered by external expert. Tableau is an interactive data visualization software that is often used by multiple companies to understand and analyze big data.

November, 2020
first ever consulting night takes place

The first annual consulting night took place with KLU alumni sharing about their experience on the job, the workday, and dealing with clients, followed by an informative Q&A session.
Company profile: McKinsey, Strategy&, Deloitte, PwC

January, 2021
completion of first ever project

We worked with Voigt Logistik (a mid sized company based in Neumünster providing transport and storage services) as our pioneer client on customer analysis and customers retention and acquisition strategies. Further, we helped formulate strategies for future expansion and sustainability measures.

February, 2021
the first ever case study workshop takes place

‘Consulting Case Study Workshop’, offering an introduction to strategy consulting case studies, solution methods and real-life examples.

September, 2021
collaborating with a corporate partner for the first ever industry workshop

Workshop with INVERTO, a BCG company, an international procurement consultancy that is highly specialized
in supply chain management.

November, 2021
first in-person team event

With the COVID-19 pandemic regulations slowly but surely reducing, a part of the advisupply team was able to meet up in person for some socialising in Hamburg's bar quarter "Schanze". 

September, 2022
recruiting campaign - 'the office' style video ad for the KLU welcome week
Click here, to watch the intro section of the full video, should it not load!
December, 2022
new tradition: christmas party

A new tradition was born: the advisupply christmas party!

Most of the advisupply team met at KLU's student lounge to celebrated the beginning of the Christmas season with pizza, football, and drinks! 

December, 2022
recording of our first ever podcast

Take a listen: Spotify

April, 2023
founding of association (e.V.)

Founding board members: Federico De Ponte (President), Robert Marten Rings (Tech), Julia Harbarth (Recruiting & Marketing), Oleksandra Shvets (Workshops), Laurids Nittka (Legal & Finance), and  Aditya Muralidharan (Projects)