successful first project with Voigt Logistik

With the commencement of a new semester at KLU, our first ever project with a mid-sized logistics company was also in the works. Our entire team of student consultants along with workshop managers and the executive board was looking forward to making sure that the project deliverables were met fortuitously.

After discussing a lot with the main project partner at the client’s site, we came to the realization that this project demanded two distinct challenges to be addressed, namely an analysis of the current customer portfolio and the ideation and creation of a possible future strategy for the logistics company. Our team was thus also divided to help find solutions to both parts of the project. 

With the customer analysis group, our main focus was to cluster the customers to fully understand their contribution,  strengths and weaknesses and also provide a competitor analysis for a better understanding of the market. On the other hand, a roadmap for developing and implementing future strategies was created to address all the major areas of concern for the company. Even though different, the data available, research conducted, and solutions drawn were interlinked with each other.

Both the groups used to have meetings together for the tasks that needed to pull our efforts together. We knew that it was crucial for getting the solution.

Shivangi, MSc 2021

As an internationally and academically diverse team, we were able to bring together various ideas to the table. With several advantages of having a motivated and dedicated team of students came certain pitfalls as well.

We all were involved with different activities in the university along with advisupply. At times there was a communication gap between the teams, but in the end, we aligned our forces and did a great job.

Daniel, MSc 2020

Finally, the presentation for this project was well received. The positive response and the company’s willingness to implement solutions. 

Even while handling the legal and financial aspects of advisupply, our structured team meetings helped me understand the scope of the project work that we were doing. The team was always open to new ideas. 

Sven, MSc 2020